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Interviewing Tips:
In this day and age the competition for good jobs is very stiff.  Being invited into an organization for an interview should be considered an honor and to be chosen above and beyond the 'other' candidates is, quite frankly, flattering.  Now, what are you going to do to present yourself in the best possible light?  One word says it all.  PREPARATION!  There is no substitute for preparation.  Many people, especially those with a sales background, simply arrive and allow themselves to 'be interviewed' and more or less shoot from the hip.  The interviewer senses that the individual has done nothing to prepare for this meeting and is not impressed.  Remember, there is no second chance for a first impression when it comes to interviewing, so a few basic rules exist that will apply to any interview situation.  These rules will allow you to overcome any objections the interviewer may surface and help you feel confident.  Should you have any questions on any of the below or wish to discuss an upcoming interview, (whether or not SPROUT/STANDISH, INC. arranged it for you), please feel comfortable to call one of our Executive Recruiters for additional insight into this process.
A dozen helpful hints:
  1. Research the company!
  2. Dress for success!
    For Men: conservative suit, white shirt, contrasting tie, shoes shined, socks over calf.
    For Women: skirted suit, or dress with matching jacket, neutral colored hose,
    simple pumps, minimum make-up.
  3. Arrive 10 minutes early!
  4. Do NOT smoke!
    This means driving to or during the interview.
  5. Do NOT be bitter about the past!
    No one wants to hear about the dirty hand you've been dealt.
  6. Ask meaningful questions!
    Prepare four or five pertinent questions, write them down and bring to interview.
  7. Zero in on company's real needs!
    And respond to them accordingly!
  8. Careful not to talk too much!
    You have two ears and one mouth, use them in that proportion.
  9. Stress your previous achievements!
    Write them down and be prepared to humbly boast of your crowing achievements.
  10. Is this opportunity for me? If yes, talk money and perks last!
  11. Ask for position or for next step!
    A great phrase is "Do you see me fitting into your organization?"
  12. Write a great "thank you" letter for the interview.

Remember, if you are properly prepared, you won't be easily surprised!
Note: An excellent book has been written on the art of interviewing.  We highly recommend it and the individual that is serious about presenting themselves in the best possible light is well advised to pick up a copy (and read it).  KNOCK 'EM DEAD, by Martin Yate, Publisher: Adams Media Corp.

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