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How to Interview the Candidate:
Interviewing Tips for the Client
Please read the following Interview Tips form.  This document is rendered in Adobe PDF.  Most new Web browsers have a free PDF reader utility plug-in already installed in them.  If yours does not, please download Adobe's Acrobat Reader, a free PDF reader utility from Adobe.
The hour or two you spend interviewing a candidate for any position within your organization is critical to both the organization and to your career.  It is important for the growth and health of the organization in that a great hire can add immeasurably to the bottom line.  For you, the manager/owner/president, it is important for you to hire the best, because it will influence your career path within that particular organization.  A terrific hire will make you indispensable in your company's eyes.  A wrong decision can sometimes put an end to your tenure there as you will be judged by the performance of your subordinates.
A key element in conducting a professional interview that will allow you to hire only the best will depend on what you do before the interview actually occurs.  An agenda must be prepared for this meeting.  Most of the time the candidate comes to the interview prepared.  They usually arrive with a list of questions and several well thought-out statements regarding their past achievements.  The interviewer is strongly recommended to match the candidate's efforts by spending an hour preparing for this meeting.  A list of questions should be formulated that key into an exploration of the following personal traits: attitude, motivation, initiative, stability, planning, insight, and social skills.  If the interviewer plans to interview more than one candidate, then some sort of rating system should be devised (A,B,C's or 1-10, etc.) that will allow for objectivity.  Secondly, the interviewer should be prepared to sell both the opportunity and the company.  Remember, good candidates are at a premium and if they are interviewing with you, they're probably interviewing with your competition.  Be prepared to list the reasons for joining your company.  Why should the candidate resign his/her current position to work for you?
Preparing for the interview allows you to use your time efficiently.  Interviewing time costs you and your organization money in that it is not a revenue producing activity.  By having a set agenda you keep the interview focused and on track.  This projects a positive image to the candidate and allows you to feel comfortable that all of the bases have been sufficiently covered.
PrintQuest knows that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We encourage you, the interviewer, to contact us to further discuss your need and allow us to custom tailor an interview process that will maximize your time with the candidate and address your particular requirements.

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