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Our Fee is a Good Investment
All things considered, our fee is a very good investment.  Hiring less than the best, in the long run, can be extremely costly to any organization.  It is common knowledge that within most organizations 20% of the staff is producing 80% of all useful results.  PrintQuest is staffed by seasoned professionals who have worked in and with the professionals who make things happen in the Printing/Graphic Arts Industry.  They not only know who and where these professionals are, but more importantly, how to attract them into your organization.
Since we specialize in Printing and Graphic Arts, we have virtually zero start-up time with regard to beginning your search.  We are able to save you money by helping you acquire the top talent much faster.  How much is it costing your organization by not having the right person on board NOW!?  The typical process of placing an ad, screening resumes, interviewing, reference checking, etc. may last several months and the end result may be a turn down when an offer is tendered.  Not having the appropriate individual in that spot may severely reduce your company's ability to compete in today's market.
Many of the top professionals aren't reading the want ads because they are happy with their current employment, but will, if properly approached, entertain a transition.  As a third party with professional expertise, we are able to do a far more effective job at selling your opportunity than you may be able to in an ad or other mechanism currently in use.

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