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How to Attract the Best Candidate
In Partnership we'll succeed
Preparation: A Key to Success
The Hiring Manager should work openly and honestly with the recruiter.  To prepare your company for the hiring process, focus on a job description that will get the results you want.  A good recruiter will ask the right questions to help you identify job related and human attributes the candidate should possess, specifying " must-have " and "preferred" attributes such as personality, communications skills, and corporate culture requirements.  The more complete your job description, the more effectively you will fill your position.
Adopt a Sense of Urgency
Once you make the decision to fill a position, be committed, make your hiring decisions quickly.  Meet your goal of hiring the " best candidate" in the shortest amount of time.  Indecision and time delays may send a message to the candidate about the company's lack of focus.  Streamline the hiring process.  The greater the talent of the candidate, the shorter the time he/she will be available and the better the "recruiting" you will have to do to gain their respect.  The time involved in interviewing, evaluating, and hiring can be greatly reduced by having all participants in the process present for each step, ready to participate, and ready to make decisions.  This will eliminate third and fourth interviews.
Cost/Benefit Analysis
The main reason companies miss hiring their best candidate is that they misjudge the pay rate, benefits, perks, etc., necessary for the best quality candidate to accept the position.  Good people are an investment not an expense.  Extend your best offer the first time--don't play games.  Keep abreast of changing salary scales and price your jobs competitively.  Make sure you know the market's going rate.  Listen to the candidates concerns and produce an offer, which is realistic.  Add 10-15% to their present salary plus the cost of living to ensure you DO NOT LOSE TOP QUALITY CANDIDATES OVER SMALL DETAILS.
Advice to Employers: Timing is Everything
Corporate America's traditional interviewing, evaluating, and hiring processes are causing companies to "let the good one's get away."  The following guidelines have been established to help hiring managers get qualified candidates before their competitors do.  Companies should:
  • Conduct telephone interviews within two to three days of becoming aware of a qualified candidate to establish interest on both sides.
  • Arrange the first face to face interview within a week.
  • Extend your best offer within 48 hours of the final interview.
Today's Candidate
Today's market is candidate-driven and critical-skills-driven!  The Hiring Manager's responsibility is to "sell" the quality, financial stability, and advancement opportunities of your company to the candidates.  The limited resource you are competing for is the best-qualified candidate.
The Bottom Line
Slow response time is causing many companies to lose their most valuable resource, personnel.  Companies are allowing top candidates to go to competitors, leaving positions unfilled which can costs millions of dollars of lost revenues!  Why?  The # 1 reason that companies' openings go unfilled is that companies move too slowly to interview or extend an offer.  Companies that move quickly to hire gain a huge competitive advantage.  They get top talent and maintain full staffing levels.
Get The Best Help Available
Most companies use professional recruiters from time to time.  Instead of working with dozens of recruiters, create a "preferred list" of a few recruiters or one recruiter based on their performance and attention to your needs.  This will save you time and money and maximize your results.  Include a recruiter in your company's hiring team.  A recruiter will help you structure and extend a job offer to the candidate.  A good recruiter will possess the skills to help you structure a winning offer and help the candidate accept it.  REMEMBER THAT YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

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